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PNC Global Transfers

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Payment Solutions

PNC Global Transfers offers processing, monitoring, settlement, aggregation and regulatory compliance support services as a solution for companies with international payment services needs.

Our proprietary transaction processing platforms are designed to connect and interact seamlessly with our clients' systems. This enables us to offer a variety of services, through different channels and technologies, geared to help our clients achieve their goals.


We provide electronic funds transfer white label processing services to 60+ originating entities that operate a network of more than 60,000 points of sale in multiple countries. These originating entities include Banks, MSBs and U.S. Government entities


With a single connection we provide access to a comprehensive and reliable payment network comprising more than 72 payment entities in 16 countries in Latin America.

A One Stop Shop

No need to look anywhere else. PNC Global Transfers includes supporting services all in one place.


Our service includes the Foreign Currency settlement in 10 different currencies based on the inter-bank market.

We leverage our financial resources, experience and market knowledge to provide our clients with the most competitive exchange rates.


We have direct connectivity with origination and payment entities through its own network of participating entities.

​ Our services include Real-time online processing, settlement, monitoring, and reporting as well as funds and claims management


Our Global Compliance System incorporates one of the most rigorous compliance and anti-money laundering engines available in the US market.

​ Our stringent compliance model, due diligence process and AML monitoring systems have made PNC Global Transfers the industry standard in electronic international funds transfers.


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